Silverware Toss

I love my fifth wheel except for a couple things. We have the rear kitchen and it makes for a great layout when the RV is setup with the slides out. It is not ideal for travelling down the road though. You might find yourself on highways that are in need of some repairs. Like when I was going from St. Louis to Hot Springs Arkansas on US highway 67. Some of that highway is exceptionally smooth since it is new four lane concrete pavement. But somewhere in Arkansas it was like riding on one of those Disney World rides in a simulator. Side to side and up and down we pitched for about 80 miles. When we arrived at our destination, we had knives, forks, spoons, pancake turners, wine bottle openers, shish-kebab skewers, (my wife is not one to pack lightly), etc. scattered all over the kitchen floor. The three drawers in the kitchen had been thrown completely out of their compartments and were part of the debris in the floor. Since we had previously experienced them hanging out after other trips, I had found a long plastic rod that I slid down through all three handles to improve the likelihood that they would stay put. Yep, the plastic rod was bent and lying there with all the other stuff.

IMG_4176_smI’ve since devised a new device that worked perfectly. I built two small wooden blocks and attached one above the drawers and one below. I cut a slot in each block and aligned the blocks so I could slide a wooden slat through them and the handles of the drawers. I made it all out of oak since my hobby (other than RVing) is wood working.  I’ve driven over some silverware jostling roads and all drawers and utensils were right where we put them.   I therefore deem my hack a success.

Let me know if others have had similar experiences and how they solved the issue.

Author: Dan Thomure

Retired Technical worker in the Financial Services Industry.

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