Making new friends

One of the things that I find so fun about camping are the new friends that you meet.  Different from staying in hotels or resorts, people are outside and usually very open to conversation.  We have found over the years that folks are also willing to help each other.  We have been the recipient and the helper for others in need.  I remember as a child my family traveled with our pop-up camper to Canada.  One of the families we met in Minnesota insisted that we stop by their home in Canada where they brought us to their home, fed us a lovely meal and insisted that we stay in their cabin on a lake since it was snowing in August and our pop-up camper did not have heat in it.  Another time, we were traveling down the Kansas turnpike and had a blow out on our camper which blew a hole in the bottom of our camper where we spewed silverware all over the highway.  When arriving at a campsite that night, another camper shared tools and wood to repair our camper at least enough to get us through our trip.  So as the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.”  Enjoy!

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