Charging the Batteries without Electricity

When you are camped at a location that doesn’t have electricity and the batteries run down, then what?  You could buy a generator to recharge, but then you have to worry about carrying fuel for it and limitations on when you can run in some campgrounds. You could also have solar panels installed on your roof.  If you are nervous about poking extra holes in your roof and adding weight and wind resistance to your RV, then this might not be the best solution.

Renogy_Solar_SuitcaseRenogy_Solar_Suitcase2I opted to pickup a 100 watt solar suitcase from Renogy.  I can
keep this stowed away and only bring it out when I need it.  I’ve used it a few times now and with a good sunny day, I can fully charge my batteries in about 5 hours.  Of course there could be an extended cloudy period that could leave your batteries drained, but that hasn’t happened to me yet.

Watch for an upcoming post on more boondocking  tips. (camped in locations without electricity and water)

Author: Dan Thomure

Retired Technical worker in the Financial Services Industry.

One thought on “Charging the Batteries without Electricity”

  1. We installed 2 100 watt panels from Renogy on our travel trailer roof this past winter and I was soo nervous about poking the holes and if they were going to work! Luckily, we had the help of an electrical engineer but all went well and we’ve just gone a stretch of over a month with no electric and no generator and NO problems! Haven’t gone below 2/3 battery (we have two batteries) even once since December as temporary full timers! They have totally changed the way we camp!!


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