Newest Missouri State Park- Echo Bluff

This park has a lodge, restaurant, cabins and campground and all are first class. On the backside of the lodge there is a huge deck with nice composite chairs and tables and a view of Sinking Creek and of course, the bluffs.


We stayed in the RV part of the campground, but they have walk-in camping sites as well. Even those are first class. They have separate parking for the walk-in area and complimentary carts for hauling your camping paraphernalia to your site.  The mighty four made a trip to this park May 16-19 and we stayed in the RV park where we had water, electric and sewer hookups.   Just like being at home.   The parking pads are large and level. As usual, our camping turned into an adventure.  On Friday morning at 3 am, our cell phones alerted us of a tornado warning.  We got up and threw on some clothes and headed to the lodge along with about half the campground residents we just hung out in the lodge until the warning time passed.  I’m not sure is was really that wise, since we all watched the storm out of the two story windows in the lodge.


Wild horses in the area come to eat the beautiful clover planted by the park.  They frequently appear in the campground and are harmless, but still require respect. One night they decided to check out our campsite and play with the blanket on our picnic table bench.

We hiked painter ridge trail which was an easy hike.  We reached the bluff overlook pavilion at the end of loop 2 but there really was not much to see since trees block both the bluffs and the lodge view.  Still the hike was nice.

There are old buildings left behind from the former Camp Zoe that date back to 1929.  You will see those around the park when you explore.


There are lots of very nice attractions within about 30 miles of the park.  Current river state park is a 5.25 mile hike, one way from echo bluff and a 2 mile drive.  We chose to drive.


We also drove over to Rocky Falls and weren’t disappointed.


Here are few attractions with driving distances:

  • Round Springs 2.5 mi
  • Alley Springs 20.9 mi
  • Blue Springs 32.7 mi
  • Rocky Falls 28.8 mi

Author: Dan Thomure

Retired Technical worker in the Financial Services Industry.

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