Moab Activities

IMG_2811Hello all Fellow Campers,  I am one of the wives in the Mighty Four.   I tend to be assigned the “activity planner” for our foursome.  Studying the area first, reading reviews of others who have gone before, checking on local tour operators, and then making reservations so you don’t miss an attraction is important.    For example, when we traveled to Arches National Park, you can only hike the Fiery Furnace with a guide.   By the time we realized that, the Park Service was already booked up so I searched for a tour company to take us.  We used the Moab Adventure Company and James was our awesome guide for this amazing hike.  Yes, it costs more but our group was much smaller and it was worth every penny spent.    We also took an exhilarating hummer trip and nice rafting float.    Taking time to do your research to be sure you get to do the activities that your group desires makes for great memories.  Well, we are looking forward to hearing from some of you.  Let us know your favorite places and any tips that might help us or others like us out there on these great adventures!