Mr. Fix-it-Man

MrFixItI like to fix things.  I think there is something wrong with me though. I actually look for things that are broken so I can fix them.

On the way to Glacier National Park, I had filled the water tank and we used it one night in a location that had no water hookups.  Everything was in working order. At our second night location I went to get some water from the kitchen sink and it just spit a few drops.  The pump was running, but nothing was coming out.   I jumped into action! Mr. Fix-it-Man was on the job.  I was betting that there was a crack or a hole in the pipe that picks up the water from the tank.  When that happens it’s like trying to drink a beverage with a straw that has a hole in it.  You get a lot of air and not much beverage.   I checked the water pipes and they appeared to be ok going into and out of the water pump.  Must be a faulty pump I surmised. Since I just happened to have a backup water pump for situations such as this, I scrunched up like contortionist under the storage area where the pump was located and replaced it.  Alas the same result. No water. Then I said to my wife, its like the tank has suddenly gone empty. Just as I said it, I had this mental picture of a guy with a dunce cap on my head. Boy did I feel foolish. I put some water in the tank and the pump worked splendidly.   I thought I had filled the tank before we began the trip, but obviously that wasn’t the case.  I never use the gauge in the RV that tells me how much water is in the tank.  You know those never work properly.  Hey, maybe I can replace that!