Picture your next adventure


Picture your next adventure.

Over the years we have taken lots of pictures. Not sure what we will do with them. But we have lots of photos to help us remember and document our adventures.

Last month we went on a short camping trip to Echo Bluff state park in southern Missouri and I forgot my camera. Like most people, I had my cell phone. It has a built in camera and it takes good pictures, but it’s not the same. I missed getting shots of a mother beaver and 3 little ones crossing a road. I missed shots of a great water fall. I missed shots of wild horses wandering thru the camp site.


So whether you are headed to a deserted beach in Mexico,


Or a creek in Missouri,


Whether you’re horseback riding in Arizona,


Or going to Dead Horse point in Utah,

I encourage you to take your camera and use it.


You never know when you might see something photo worthy.DSC03426.JPG

Take your camera and go for a walk. 


You won’t go far without finding something worth remembering.