Buck Naked?

We made our first mission trip with the RV this year.  We headed to the areas most damaged by Hurricane Harvey on the gulf coast of Texas.  I called ahead to get some idea where we could park the RV and found a campground near Sinton Texas that was recommended by a church there.  Since the trip is about a thousand miles from our home, we planned to make it a two day trip with a one night stay in Marshall Texas.  All went well till we got to the campground near Sinton.  We pulled into the entrance and a young man was right there to greet us. I asked if he was the campground host and he said no he was a renter there. He also said I should turn around and run from the place because he’d had a run in with the proprietor.

“I would run myself but I paid for a month and there’s no return of fees if you leave early” he grumbled.

When I meet the proprietor, I tell him my name, “I called ahead for a reservation.”

“Yes,  a few folks should be rolling in today. I made you spot right over there.”

He pointed to humped up strip of dirt next to the road.  The weather was dry but there was rain in the forecast. Now, I’m no rocket scientist but I know what happens to a twelve thousand pound RV when it parked on loose dirt that gets wet.  I asked if he had anything else and he pointed to a spot with weeds about foot tall. There was a pipe that looked the size of a sewer connection but stuck out of the ground five feet.  I think we established that I am of average intelligence but once again my common sense suggested that my sewer wouldn’t drain up.

“I can cut the pipe off” was his response when I raised my concern.

“Sorry, I don’t think these spots will work for us.”

“You know there’s another campground just down the road that might have a spot.  Some people don’t like it though because the owner is a nudist and comes around to collect buck naked”.

“Thanks for the tip.”

We didn’t try the nudist RV park even though my wife wanted to  check it out.  I wonder why the church didn’t recommend it?